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Apr 11

Community centered

In the parade of life we are all participants and spectators. The five figurative works here are my latest in a series of community-inspired subjects. As it is in all the art I create, the subject determines my materials and methods (technique). The pleasure of drawing and painting comes down to getting lost in a world of marks inspired by living.


John Creed, soft pastel on pastel paper This is a colorful, little reflection on a longtime friend and ex-neighbor who I still have the pleasure of seeing at Starbucks on weekends.

Clayton, acrylic on Bristol paper This cute, little redhead belongs to Brianna, an employee at Starbucks.

Don, pencil on paper Don manages sales for a home improvement ‘big box’ store. Communicating something about Don’s warm spirit was my objective.

Kevin, acrylic on Bristol paper Kevin is a mail carrier with a fine mind for trivia and a welcome and engaging spirit to run into at ‘Bucks.


Irv’s Bagel, acrylic on Bristol paper My buddy Irv playfully chides me for buttering my bagel—an adulteration from the view of his upbringing in the Catskills and Fairfax area of L.A. In response to the ribbing I returned the favor by suggesting he mistreats his bagel with donut shop confection. Irv calls me a mensch, which is sweet of him.

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