December, 2014

Dec 14

Sparkling personas

I’m painting two sisters, very polite and quiet girls. Around this stranger who studies them for details–in order to capture their likenesses and spirit–there watchful return gaze is understandable. My job leads me to note the sparkle of their eyes and features, portals to good natures and intelligence.

Dec 14

Sketching in the Grand Canyon

Last month I had friends visit from Norway and I took them to the Grand Canyon to hike in. 

We chose various south rim trails: Kaibab, Grandview and Hermit. I took my sketchpad and recorded impressions along the way. I expect my sketches and memories will feed new paintings in the months ahead

My first trip in the Grand Canyon was in 1972. It was a hike from one rim to other and back. Before that trip I read what was then the hiker’s bible,The Man Who Walked Through Time, by Colin Fletcher. I think of that book’s title every time I’m there, for it eroded formations are a kind of time machine for the imagination: alluring, humbling, revealing.


Kaibab Trail, Grand Canyon National Park

Sketch of twisted pine on the kaibab trail