November, 2011

Nov 11

Life up close

ChelseaChelsea, acrylic on canvas

I love looking up close at sections of paintings and drawings, mine and other artists.’ It is there that the magic of plan and chance converge. In these two close-ups of portraits I created my brushwork expresses evocative things about, above and beyond my subject matter. 

Dr. Dymond, acrylic on canvas
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Nov 11

Old Tracks That Go Nowhere Now

Old Tracks That Go Nowhere Now was inspired by a rusting spur that ran along a eucalyptus windbreak on the southern edge of Pomona College, Claremont, CA. In the mid-1970’s I was a student at the Claremont Colleges and the Pomona College Art Department was a short block away from these tracks. A dozen years later I revisited this location and painted. Weeks after, with the small, on-site study as my guide and college reflections as further compulsion, I created this larger and more expressive scene. I placed two crows beating the hazy, clay-colored afternoon sky, their dark contours a reminder that life is made up of millions of such beating, mortal moments.

A few years after Old Tracks That Go Nowhere Now was painted the old spur was torn out and the location cleaned up, probably in preparation for the new Metrolink commuter train service introduced to Southern California about that time. Alas, ‘All things doomed to die touch the heart.’ The Los Angeles Area Chamber of Commerce commissioned me to paint a scene of that new Metrolink commuter service and Morning Commuters (below) is the study for that work.

What is it about the sight of train tracks that cause the heart and mind to race? Maybe it’s that uniquely human reflex to search for change on the horizon.

Morning Commuters, 18 x 24 acrylic on canvas

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