September, 2011

Sep 11

Morning Arrives


Dawn is an exciting time of day to be out and about. Add to that general experience the rumble and roar of a train or two, headlights ablaze, trailing car lights, glowing signal lights, and the moment is about complete.

Commuter and Amtrak schedules overlapped only once during an afternoon visit to a local Orange County train station. Fortunately, creating images in my head and putting it onto canvas or paper with feeling is what I like and do best. So I began this painting by imagining a morning scene and composing (painting) in the early stages using a brilliant lemon-green color. You can see this hue peeking through later layers of color, particularly in the sky. This rich color and  a sprinkling of passengers, their gestures in gentle sway, establish the mood and bring life to a quiet station platform. The figures direct the viewers’ eyes back into the painting and into the arriving morning.

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