January, 2010

Jan 10

Moment and movement

A railroad fan once expressed his appreciation for my work by noting that unlike most paintings of trains, mine seemed to be moving. It was a great compliment and I think he got it about right. Certainly that has been a challenge and preoccupation throughout my art career.

In a new series of 12 paintings for St. Jude Medical Center I explore this interest, depicting life in that medical facility, focusing on people giving and receiving care. Through the scenes I choreographed my shapes so figures overlap, gestures exaggerated, creating movements that draw the viewer’s eye through the compositions. In the detail below you can see how figures, static and in arrested movement convey the underlying value we all place in the state of well-being.

The paintings of St. Jude are on display at Village Art Center, Fullerton, CA, through March 15, 2010. For more details click the website link below, go to the profile page and scroll down to Shows.

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Jan 10

Fires that burn brightly

Fireflies, ¬†acrylic, ¬†30″ x 40″ (work-in-progress), detail

I created a pastel painting of an autumn scene in the last blog. After completing it I found my thoughts heading back to a delightful experience I had in Washington DC, one sultry evening following a rainstorm: fireflies! It was my first encounter with the tiny creatures and the experience burns brightly, still. I may paint these flying filaments in that more urban setting one day, but for now this quiet scene fills the void.

It’s amusing to note that for all the painting ‘real estate’, for all the hours spent mixing and applying acrylic-colors to the canvas, the purpose, meaning and focus of the effort resides in the sprinkling-placement of a dozen, or so, tiny dots and drybrush-dashes of intense light.

Finished, detail

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