December, 2009

Dec 09

Autumn tangle

Autumn’s Angles and Tangles, stage 1, work-in-progress, detail

stage 2 (near completion)

As trees shed their leaves in the fall and winter their trunks and limbs reveal a world of movement, of angles, arabesques, and tangles. This painting owes much to that seasonal appreciation for a changing world.


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Dec 09

The Sound of Snow Melting

Detail from The Sound of Snow Melting

As a heavy snowfall melts off a forest there is an almost imperceptible hiss to the quiet, something we confuse for silence. Fond memories like that–especially at this time of year–are a frequent spark and compulsion behind my art.

The Sound of Melting Snow was inspired by an experience cross-country skiing among the Mammoth Lakes, CA. It was the day following a very heavy snowfall and the landscape was just gorgeous. I rarely paint a scene I’ve done previously, but this one is an exception, so enjoyable was the first attempt.  The two paintings are in no way identical, of courses. I did change this scene to suit my need to explore new ground.

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Dec 09

Fall colors, winter’s approach

Just off Highway 395 on the way to Mammoth Lakes a creek with ice at its edges sparkled in the cool, morning sun. Cattle scattered as they heard me approach. The vegetation, in autumn colors, was inviting to the eye, but overgrown. In my painting I cleared out some of the thicket to expose more of the water and distant horizon. I further editorialized using color and shape: rich colors contrasting with muted ones; warm contrasting with cool; flowing shapes contrasting with angular, all of it to express my sense of the place and the planet’s power to feed our soul.

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