March, 2009

Mar 09

A good-natured Josh

Josh GagnonPalick, pencil on Bristol board, 8.5 x 11 (detail)

I sketched this caricature of a friend’s grandson, Josh GagnonPalick, while the young fellow was here visiting from Minnesota. Josh is fun to be around, smart, kind, and with a good sense of humor. I think my rendering captures Josh. That was my goal, at least. I kept the distorting of features to a minimum, allowing the loose drawing technique to express something of Josh’s happy nature.

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Mar 09

Morning Road

Morning Road, pastel, 12 x 16

Working on a grey-toned pastel board, I first sketched my composition by defining the shadow areas of the landscape. For this I chose a rich, very dark blue-purple pastel stick. Following that beginning I purposefully reduced the number of colors/ values I applied in order to create this scene of a rural road in La Habra Heights. This shorthand approach demands more of the viewer, because it provides less visual information–for example, notice how the chain-link fence on the left disappears into the shadow cast by the tall trees across the road, and yet in our minds’ the fence is there. The payoff from this practice comes in our engagement with both the painting surface and the painting subject; we see both in a new way.

Note: After posting Morning Road last night, I arrived at my studio this morning and felt the urge to fix something in the painting. This led (naturally) to my finding reasons to ‘noodle’ elsewhere: I added a cool green to the shadows of the orange trees, further defined and emphasized the hillside trees to the left and behind the citrus trees, and fiddled with both the sky and the shadows on the right of the road. All-in-all, improvements were made and without sacrificing too much in the process, but, again, that wisdom applies; The enemy of good is ‘better.’

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Mar 09

Emily’s spirit

I see Tony at Starbucks most mornings. A photograph of his little girl, Emily, smiles out from the contours of his coffee mug, a pleasure for all to see. Emily had a kidney removed just a couple weeks ago and Tony tells us she is doing just great. I’m not surprised. Her grin, alone, seemed to guarantee that result.

I painted this portrait on an earth-colored background to compliment Emily’s warm personality. The close-up detail is included so you get a second dose of her bright eyes and sweet smile.

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