July, 2008

Jul 08

Strong feelings for Yosemite

Recently a young couple politely reminded me I hadn’t added to my Blog in several weeks. The nudge was needed. Learning that Andrea & Richard had fond ties to Yosemite National Park I chose this painting for the Blog with them in mind.

The work was created last February at The Hillcrest Festival of Arts where I was demonstrating and exhibiting. I began with a white pastel board, first staining it with earth tones that I planned would impart a warmth to the scene when it was completed. Next I sketched my subject: shapes of trees, deer (three would give way to just one in the end) and the iconic Half Dome in the distance.

Here are a few shots taken that day of the work in progress.


Summer Deer, pastel, 17″ x 23″

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Jul 08

Animals in the Imagination

Arthur at the Kitchen Sink, pen & ink

Look into their eyes and the sense is that you are on their ‘frequency’, somehow. I doubt we really are, but still they make us feel in touched with the wild, and that is certainly special.

Domestic pets–mine, friends’ and strangers’–are a favorite part of my life and a favorite subject to explore in my work. Here are a few images from my ‘sketchbooks’, quick records of those looks they give and the sweet mysteries they evoke.

Carrot and the Stick– at the Beach, black crayon on paper

Theo the Cat, pen & ink

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