May, 2008

May 08

The desert theme

Red Rock Evening, pastel, 18″ x 26″

Personal experiences often lead to paintings long after the fact, like these, scenes inspired by trips in Arizona and New Mexico.

Navaho Country, pastel 18″ x 26″

Desert Bloom, pastel 18″ x 26″

Storm Near Abiguiu, NM, pastel 18″ x 26″

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May 08

Austere beauties

Passing Shadows, pastel 11″ x 14″


Lone & Level Sands, pastel 16″ x 22″

A buddy of mine, Dave Michaels, recently spent several days up in ‘Maynard Dixon country’, in and around Escalante, Utah. He and I share an appreciation for both Dixon’s work and that kind of geography. A couple years ago on a painting trip Dave and I had just turned away from the Sierra range onto a flat stretch of road near Mono Lake heading east in search of a subject to paint. It was flatness on both sides of us: sky and basin and little more, and yet at the same moment we spoke, “This is it!” We enjoyed a good chuckled at our timing and we soon concluded that the scene had what we called a ‘Dixon-esque’ nature and challenge to it.On this trip, Dave emailed along the way to share a few of his impressions. Inspired by what he was describing I couldn’t resist the itch to think about desert lands with their austere beauty and in the studio created a scene or two. The first (above) is new, the second is a few years old, but both are an attempt to communicate that spirit of agelessness: land, friend; hard to separate.

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