November, 2007

Nov 07

Building a painting on a colored surface

I enjoy painting on colored surfaces. Whether warm or cool in color, prepared by me or purchased from a manufacturer ready to use, my objective is the same: allow the painting ground’s surface-color to peek through the layers of applied paint for expressive effect.

For this painting I chose a neutral gray, an unusual choice for me for this reason: I daydream a painting into being, first ‘seeing it’ in my mind’s-eye, as a finshed composition, always with a definite mood defined by color. As you might expect the color-temperature of the scene in mind influences my choice of ‘under-painting.’ Neutral grays don’t get the nod from me all that often.

However, in this autumn scene of a waning sun outside of Page, Arizona, a middle-value gray with a bluish-cast works nicely as a foil to the vibrant and contrasting warms colors, both muted and intense, that tell the story.

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Nov 07

Inspring friends

Dave Michaels loves to paint!  It was his enthusiasm that renewed my passion for the subject a few years ago. It bears a mention that Dave is an Emmy-winning director of network sports and it is his talent and success in that art form that makes his passion for standing at an easel all day seem both odd and fascinating to me.  In both words and actions Dave approaches making art like a child approaches a wading pool in the summertime.  I truly enjoy ‘splashing around’ beside him; we learn from each other and that is exhilarating!   

It began as a boastful joke, but now it has become our pracitce when painting together: create two works a day at two different locations, one in the morning, before lunch, and another after the meal-break. The challenge has been rewarding, as has been the company. I have assembled a handful of photos to share, photos taken while Dave and I made the rounds last summer along the eastern spine of the Sierras: Tioga Pass, Yosemite; Mono Lake; Mammoth Lakes; and the Chalfant Valley. I hope the photos convey the fun and rewards of painting and doing it with friends.

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Nov 07

Drawings of John Clair

John Clair is a familiar figure in motion around my town of La Habra. John tells his friends that he spent a good part of his life making pipe organs. I’ve seen one of them disassembled in his storage unit!

John Clair pen & ink 9” x 10”

John covers a lot of ground at age 85. Slightly bent-over, his shuffling walk has a youthful, athletic appearance that bely his years. A good-natured man with a handsome head of white hair his colorful clothing brings to mind a character in a Ray Bradbury short story–more about that in a future blog.

John is easy to spot on the street and most people in this town at least know of him. In my mind’s-eye I had John painted long before we met and talked the first time at a local Starbucks. He agreed to come by my studio and sit for me. Here are two character studies from that first visit. A more ambitious painting effort is brewing.

 John Clair on the Move pen & ink 11” x 9”

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Nov 07

Painting at the University of Redlands

College Campuses are interesting subjects for a painter. Over the years I’ve painted a number of college campuses. This began when I was a student at Pitzer College , a part of the Claremont Colleges, in the mid 70’s. The most recent effort in this regard was at a plein air painting event at the University of Redlands this past October. The work here, a sketch and two finished paintings are from that week-long event. The University is a handsome campus at the base of the San Bernardino Mountains, with its Administration Building on the hill and expansive Quad of lawn and mature oak trees below. The campus always inspires new interpretations.

The Quad at U of R Pen & ink 8” x 10”

Morning on the Quad pastel 12” x 16” Private Collection

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