scenes of citrus orchards

Mar 14

Invitation to Redlands

Discussion at the Bowl

I’m pleased to invite you to an exhibition of my artwork of the City of Redlands, sponsored by A.K. Smiley Library. I visited Redlands for the first time a quarter-century ago and it continues to inspire me, personally and professionally. There will be three dozen original drawings and paintings on display, with dozens more to examine in a digital slide show at the exhibit. My entire inventory of Redlands art can be examined online at:

The show runs April 13-20 in the Library’s Assembly Room. A reception will be held Sunday, April 13, 4-6 pm. I hope to see you there. A.K. Smiley Public Library,125 W. Vine St., Redlands, CA. 909-798-7565. 

Morning Walk Near Highland

Jul 13

In the grove

Morning in a citrus orchard

Deep in the Grove,  pastel,  11 x 17

I never tire of opening up a new set of pastels and gazing at them for a minute or two. The rich array of colors are only enhanced by their orderly display. It’s always tempting to think about leaving them that way. Like a new box of assorted chocolates opened up, the invitation to dig in causes the hand to hesitate: too attractive to disturb, too tempting to leave alone. In this composition of citrus ripening on a warm morning I selected a rich rusty orange to begin composing.

The first thing I do with a new pastel stick is remove the paper sleeve and expose the full surface of the ‘painting stick;’ its sides provide an added range of expressive possibilities. I begin all my compositions by ‘carving out’ several descriptive and rythmatic shapes using flowing lines of uneven weight. This is achieved by modulating hand-pressure on the stick, lifting up and tilting it as needed for expressive effect. As you can see in the finished painting this first rust-red color appears in places through all the colors that followed it. The earliest marks remain visible, contributing to the overall visual complexity of the finished painting surface and its impact.

Morning in a citrus orchard

Detail of painting