abstract paintings by Brad Faegre

Jun 13

Finesse the big brush

Lake District

Lake District is a 30 x 40 canvas painted entirely with a #20 & #16 Flat, artist’s nylon brush; only my signature was applied with a small #6 Bright. This close-up detail of the acrylic work illustrates what expressive flexibility and communication opportunities a large brush provides the artist. Yes, like all skills that we wish to master, much practice is required. However, perseverance pays dividends in the end.

Years of trial and error have rewarded me with the pleasures of accuracy and finesse. Good results begin with knowing artist’s materials and methods well. Good technique, necessary eye-hand coordination sharpens the creative mind to employ options, the moment-to-moment discovery of the inner spirit. The pleasure of waving-off a sharp, precise line or edge for a jagged one, knowing the latter will express and evoke more–well, this developed ‘touch’ is a freedom of an amazing sort. In words it’s akin to flight and love; at least in my mind it feels that way. Words don’t do this ‘creative freedom’ justice. I can tell you I often feel quietly giddy inside as I work. In that state of mind, watching the marks I put down, there is bliss. And after I put down my brush and scan the mysterious lands I’ve created, beyond the simmering satisfaction of the image created, I feel humbled by how untraceable so much of what I do is to me.

Lake District

Lake District, acrylic, 30″ x 40″